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The Library



Subject refers to the people, creatures, and factions that form potential allies or treats to Atlas, or the Association's goals.


Constructs refer to items. machines, structures, and automatons encountered by the Association during their explorations.

Construct 01 [Not Filed]
Construct 02 The Envoy from Beyond
Construct 03: [Not Filed]
Construct 04: [Not Filed]
Construct 05: Sirene's Lure
Construct 06: The Equalizer
Construct 07: [Not Filed]
Construct 08: Elysium
Construct 09: The Boatswain's Pipe
Construct 10: [Not Filed]
Construct 11: [Not Filed]
Construct 12: [Not Filed]
Construct 13: [Not Filed]
Construct 14: Halo of the Goddess
Construct 15: Hands of the Merchandise
Construct 16: [Not Filed]
Construct 17: [Not Filed]
Construct 18: The Harvester
Construct 19: [Not Filed]
Construct 20: [Not Filed]
Construct 21: The Herald's Bell
Construct 22: Violet Skies
Construct 29: Pandora's Mirror
Construct 33: Industrious Infiltrators
Construct 44: Swarms of Fascinators
Construct 432: Till Destruction do us Part


Phenomenon is used as a shorthand for preternatural discoveries and recurring events that defy explanation. Rifts are such a phenomenon.

Phenomenon 01 [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 02 [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 03: The Living Cemetary
Phenomenon 04: [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 05: Traveler's Bane
Phenomenon 06: Bread Crumbs
Phenomenon 07: [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 08: Bleeding through the Lines
Phenomenon 09: Just a cabin in the woods
Phenomenon 10: Void Breach
Phenomenon 11: [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 12: The White Zeppelin
Phenomenon 13: A Day in Quiescis
Phenomenon 14: Swallowed by the Sands
Phenomenon 15: The Tether
Phenomenon 16: Sleeping Guardian
Phenomenon 17: [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 18: [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 19: [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 20: [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 21: The Dog Whistle
Phenomenon 22: [Not Filed]
Phenomenon 25:Ambrosia
Phenomenon 73: Luddites Dream


Planes are other worlds, usually parallel versions of Earth, that are connected to Atlas through the Rifts.

The Arkology Reports

in 1872 a crew of Associate's are send in to make photo's of the mysterious Elysium-object. They get more than what they bargained for.  

Jim's Alley

Arkology, the Capitol of the Multiverse and its founder, have many secrets. Join the cities inhabitants as they explore the darker corners of Elysium

Jim's Alley: The Legend of Jim

Jim's Alley: Arrangements

Jim's Alley: Swinging by

Letters from the Association

A collection of letters and other documents, littering the dusty shelves of the library.

A Friendly Warning
The Horror of Chateau Casquette

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