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The Association of Ishtar

Meet the Association


Bonsart Bokel

The Founder

Bonsart (Alex van Hoogstraten) is a know eclectic creative from the Netherlands and instigator of AoI. Starting with his blog 'Tupperware Steampunk' he moved to Youtube where he created Radio Retrofuture.
The Wrench in the Machine and S-36: The Call Girl or his debut publications.


Marco Iannello

The Demiurge of the Ether Waves

Marco Iannello is an Italian musician and award-winning music composer based in the UK. Classically trained as a pianist, he played the keyboards in several bands across Italy and the UK. He creates music for film, TV, and games in various different genres


Vander van Graff

The Liaison

Vander is an Eccentric Hobby Tailor from Croatia as well as the Outgoing Co-Host of the Arkology Podcast. Starting his Legacy on the Radio Retrofuture Discord and becoming a loyal supporter from there on out.

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