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Bonsart  is the Creator of the Association of Ishtar. He started with the series in 2018 and published his first books in 2021.

After becoming a Bachelor in History at Universiteit Leiden (NL), he stopped his Reenactment hobby in 2012 to delve into the World of Steampunk. Since 2015 he has a  Youtube channel Radio Retrofuture where he posts his ongoing Steampunk Beginners  Guide and videos regarding writing.

In 2021 he joined HCS Publishing where many successful writers started their writing career.

Bonsart Bokel

Bibliography incl planned publications

The Wrench in the Machine (2021)
Bound for the Styx (2023)
Anwin! Adventures in Responsible Doll Ownership (????)
The Coffin Girls (????)

S-36: The Call Girl (2021)
Jouney to Elysium #1 (2023)

In de Shaduwen van het Keerzending - De Raderen van Fortuin
The Red Queen and other Tales - Pandora's Mirror

The red QW



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